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We currently have places available in most year groups and welcome prospective parents and children to the school, to get a feel for how we operate, to attend any events, experience school dinners etc. before applying.

If you are interested in visiting the school or have questions about the application process, please call School Reception on 01630 653084 and they will help with any enquiries.


The school’s current admissions policy is operated by Shropshire Council, which is the Admissions Authority for all Community and Controlled Schools within Shropshire. Full details of the policy, together with information about arrangements for admission, are set out in the “Parents’ Guide to Education in Shropshire”. Copies of this booklet are available on request from the Admissions Team, Children and Young People’s Services, The Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury, SY3 8HQ, Telephone 01743 254459.

Please click on the link below to access the published Shropshire Admission Arrangements for 2023/24

The school has a standard admission number of 15 for all year groups

The formal admissions criteria are detailed below but it is always valuable to check with us first on current numbers to get an understanding of how likely your application is to be successful.

Priority 1:       Children living within the school’s catchment area will have first priority.The catchment area for our school is relatively small therefore we regularly welcome children from outside the area.

Priority 2:       Any remaining places will be offered to children who live outside the catchment area. If there are insufficient places for all, priority may be given to children outside the catchment area who have an older sibling already attending. After that priority will be given to those who live outside the catchment area and whose homes are nearest the school, measured as a straight line on the map between home and school.

Priority 3:      Very exceptionally, where a child has a particular health reason for wishing to attend a school, that child may be given a place before any of the children who qualify under Priorities 1 and 2. This will only be allowed if you can provide written medical evidence that attending that particular school is relevant to the medical well-being of your child.

The school supports inclusive education and in accordance with regulations in the Disability and Discrimination Act, the school does not seek to discriminate against any child with a disability. We endeavour, where possible, to make all reasonable adjustments possible for any child whose parents wish them to attend our school.

Full-time admission to Reception class

Children can start school in the Autumn term after their 4th birthday but do not legally have to start until the term after their fifth birthday.

We do not formally operate a part-time admission, but arrangements are made with local Nurseries for children to visit the reception class during the half term prior to full-time admission. Children who do not attend Nursery will be invited to attend these induction sessions along with children who do attend.