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Our approach to Maths

Norton- in- Hales CE Primary School has embedded Maths-No Problem! The approach is a comprehensive series that adopts a spiral design with carefully built-up mathematical concepts and processes adapted from the maths mastery approaches used in Singapore. The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach forms an integral part of the learning through the materials developed for the series. Maths-No Problem! incorporates the use of concrete aids, manipulatives, problem-solving and group work.


Each lesson follows the following sequence of learning steps:

In Focus- Introductory task and questions related to the lesson objectives


Let's Learn- Introduction of new concepts through a C-P-A approach


Guided Practice- Consolidation and immediate evaluation of pupil's learning


Mind Workout- Challenging non-routine questions for pupils to apply and develop higher-order thinking skills


Maths Journal- Provides pupils with opportunities to show their understanding of the mathematical concepts learnt

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