Our Staff

Headteacher - Mrs Angela Alkureishi

Class One (Reception/EYFS)


Mrs Theresa Buckley  

Teaching Assistant

Ms Michelle Ravlin

Teaching Assistant (SEND)

Mrs Emma Murray

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Class Two  (Year 1/ Year 2)



Miss Jessica Derham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wendy Palin 

                                                                                 Class Three (Year 3 /Year 4)                                                              

Teacher - Monday/Tuesday

Mrs C Akrach


Teacher and SEND lead- Wed to Friday)

Ms Rebecca Welch

Teaching Assistant and PE Lead

Mr Chris Thompson


Class Four (Year 5 /Year 6)

Teacher - Afternoons

Mrs Angela Alkureishi


Teacher - Mornings

Mrs Emma Harris


Teaching Assistant 


               School Administration                                                                    Singing Kitchen

School Business Manager

Mrs Julia Kenworthy


Mrs Julie Hunter


Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Nicky Morris


Breakfast, After School Club and Lunchtime Supervision Team

Ms Debbie Bayley

Mrs Wendy Palin

Mr Ethan Hunter


Mrs Helen Hornby