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Norton In Hales currently hold the following awards:

A Youth Sport Trust scheme to reward a school for the quality of their PE and School Sport practice.

A Government led scheme to reward a school for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

We are delighted that in 2016/17 we retained our GOLD status!

This completes a 'hat-trick' of Gold awards, in 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and now in 2016-2017.


Sports News

Last Updated: 11th November 2017

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See our Physical Education & Sport Development Plan for the academic year 2016/17: PE & Sport Development Plan

Read our latest newsletter here - Summer Sports Newsletter

To help young people in our school enjoy their PE and School Sport we have selected a number of pupils to hold roles within our school sports.

Play Leaders: Megan, Lilie, Dunia, Ellie, Jack, Lewis, Neo, Eva

Media Leaders: George, Ethan TE, Ella, Addy, Geordina, Millie, Mackenzie, Maya

Officials: Maxwell, Bethany, Caitlin, Ethan, Zach, Alice, Amy, Kimberley

Well done to Harry H for winning this week's PE Award!

Celebrating our children's

sporting achievements

Below are the results and reports from a range of competitions our children have taken part in during 2017/18. These include competitions within school (Intra-school), those where the children have competed for school (Inter-school) and also external competitions.

Intra-school (Level 1 Competition) 2017/2018

Key Stage 2 have taken part in their first level 1 competition of the year: dodgeball! Lots of ducking and weaving has taken place over two tournaments of very high quality. In Year 5/6 the final was decided in the Blue teams favour with the last throw of the game, whilst the Year 3/4  final saw a magnificent come back by the Green team. This is how the league table looks so far:

Team Played 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Points
Blue 2 1 1 6
Green 2 1 1 6
Red 2 2 6
Yellow 2 1 1 3


Market Drayton Area School Sport Partnership:
Inter-School (Level 2 Competition)

Thursday 12th October
Cross Country
Norton-In-Hales School was represented by 31 children at the annual Cross Country competition at the Grove in October. A team of eight KS1 and twenty-three KS2 children ran their hearts out across the school fields. At the finish there was plenty of rosy cheeks and tired people. A huge well done to everyone who took part!

Thursday 5th October
KS2 Hi-5 Netball
Well done to the seven children - George, Ellie, Millie, Zach, Zeb, Ella and Caitlin - who represented the school at a Hi-5 netball tournament. The children gave it their best shot, demonstrating excellent teamwork and tactical awareness. All the children were impeccably behaved and, win, lose or draw, showed wonderful sportsmanship. Well done everyone.

What's On

Sports Club

For 2017-2018 Autumn term we will be offering the following sports clubs:

After School: Key Stage 1 Multi Sports (3-4 pm)

After School: KS2 Tennis with Zach Williams from Nick Williams Tennis (3-4 pm)

Before School: Thursday Fun Run (8.15- 8.45 am)
After School:Key Stage 2 Competitive Sports (3-4 pm)

Lunchtime Club: Jumpin' Jax Club (12.30-1 pm)

Events / Competition Calendar 2017/18

Market Drayton Area School Sport Partnership Winter School Games Programme

Thursday 30th Quicksticks Hockey

Thursday 25th Basketball and Handball

Thursday 1st Sports Hall Athletics

Photos of some of our activities and sporting teams

Accessing Local Clubs

If your child enjoys a sport they may wish to pursue it through a local club.  Through our children we have brought together details of local clubs which your chidlren may be interested in joining.

Simply click here to access information and contact details for local sports clubs